Visual branding for online home mortgage company.

Client: Morty
Role: Creative Direction / Design / Illustration
About: Morty is a fully-automated online mortgage site allowing customers to shop, compare, and close any loan from their network of lenders. I was brought on to establish the complete brand identity including illustration, typography, print, digital and social executions.




The branding approach creates a narrative for the homebuyer by associating each illustrated home with a new stage in our customer's life.  






Our customer, a young, single homeowner purchases a small apartment for one. Our homeowner then falls into a relationship, their partner moves in, and a family is on their mind.






 A baby is born, and the couple realizes the practical vs aspirational aspects of owning a home while the life around them is ever-changing.






They upgrade and purchase a small house in the suburbs. As the child grows and eventually moves out, the couple then sells and buys a new home for retirement.






Throughout their journey, the consistent visualization of the dog acts as a "guardian angel" guiding them from home to home—always a reminder of loyalty and man's best friend. While the dog itself is not Morty, it acts as a metaphorical symbol for what Morty's values are.